Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It is with great sadness that I regretfully inform you that It's All My Fault will be signing off! It has become increasingly difficult to provide up to date news, personal updates, and content since I have very little time (working two jobs, etc.) and having no consistent access to the internet.

I am one that hates to do a job half way and feel that I can no longer give you my all. With that said this will be my last post.

To Miss M: I love your blog and will continue to follow you! Thanks for your continued support!

To My Open Wallet: Thanks for sharing so much and continue writing great blog posts.

To A Fool and His Money: Keep fighting and don't quit school!

To A Saver In Training: Hope the transition is coming along. Saving is a hard thing to do. Thanks for supporting the site

To VSU1: You are a great friend and thanks for your continued support!

To G: As always thanks for riding with me! We have been on this ride for a long time.

To everyone else, thank you for sharing in this chapter of my life with me. I got so much out of your comments and stories that I am not sure who helped who. Keep sharing! You never who will benefit from hearing your story!

Signing off,